Frequently Asked Questions

What is a security label or tape?
Security label or tape is a special  label specifically designed to warn you if your cargo has been tampered with while in storage and/or enroute to you.


On which material are security products effective?
Plastic security bags, corrugated boxes, envelopes, metal containers.


Are security products really secure?
With other security labels entry could be attempted by the either of following two examples:

* Spraying the security label or tape  with an aerosol spray freezes the label or tape, leaving the adhesive temporarily ineffective and allows the tape or label to be peeled off.

This is not possible with Terabant™ security products. When the frozen tape or label is peeled off Terabant™ products the hidden message appears, leaving permanent evidence of tampering.

* Using a device as common as a hair dryer to deliver the hot air to the tape or label. This can soften the adhesive allowing the label to be removed without leaving any evidence of tampering.

This is not possible with Terabant™ products. Heat tampering is impossible because our irreversible heat graphics appear leaving permanent evidence of tampering.


Which color size and shapes do you produce at security labels and tapes?
Our standard color is red which signifies warning. Besides that we produce custom labels is many shapes, colors and sizes.


What is the production and shipping time for Terabant™ products?
After ordering, the production time is two to four weeks. Shipping time is approximately two to four weeks.


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